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Errors can be caused by gfsdk_ssao.win64.dll is missing from your computer almost any change in software configuration. Luckily, a lot of these errors can be fixed automatically with system tools. You can use the scannow function to fix a lot of Windows system file errors. To use the scannow command you will have to follow the sequence.

Now using your solution to turn off windows defender seems bring my monitor back on, best no flickering. Be aware that on restarting your computer, Defender will again be automatically enabled. On Windows 10, Tamper protection is a feature that protects Windows Security against unwanted changes from outside the app. Since the Local Group Policy Editor modifies the security settings from outside the app, the antivirus will restore any changes you have made during the next restart. After restarting the computer, the antivirus will enable again automatically.

Try to run the copied file and see if the error still shows up. Antivirus software – You can also stumble upon this error with Antivirus products.

How to Keep Private Messages on Your iPhone’s Lock Screen for Your Eyes Only

You’ll then want to power down the system and begin reconnecting the power cables to each piece of hardware, then testing until you find the hardware that is causing the problem. Again, if you’d like guidance on what hardware requires a power supply connection or have any questions about what goes where,check out this introduction to PC building. IRQ errors are a pain, they often just blame ntoskrnl which is the windows kernel. It depends on if its a driver you can replace easy.

Bonus tool 😎

Most users do not mind going through the usual routine of pressing a key or clicking on the mouse to get past the Lock Screen on their computers. That is all that needs to be configured 😉 To see how this is performed via group policy, see the following link, and how this is done via the command prompts . Finally, double click on the newly created NoLockScreen value and a pop up window will be opened.

Getting hold of the immersive control panel in Server 2016

While it’s something that you have to engage manually, it might be worth a double check if you’re frustrated with the auto-locking feature, especially if you’ve already tried disabling it. Disable Windows 10 lock screen using RegistryName the key as Personalization and press Enter. Right-click the Windows key , select the New submenu and choose the Key option. The Reason why Microsoft removed „Disabling the lock screen“ is that there won’t be any misuse by small children and if you are drunk you might lose your data.

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